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This show is all about cars and all for car guys.  Mike covers cars, events, swap meets, auctions, and just about anything that takes gasoline and rolls!

If you'd like Mike feature your car show or to have your car as Car of the Week send Mike an email.  For Car of the Week send a picture and brief description about your car to

Car Guy Channel has picked up it's 5th BEST SERIES award in a row from CreaTV at the Creatives Awards held March 3, 2016 at Club Auto Sport!  No other series has repeatedly won this award!

2015 Creatives Award

THREE more W.A.V.E. Awards!

Car Guy Channel has also won a total of three Western Access Video Excellence or W.A.V.E. Awards on March 18, 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii! It is a competition between videos entered from 6 western states.  Car Guy Channel won for Community Event; Informational Culture; and Web or TV Series!

History of Car Guy Channel

Car Guy Channel is a fantastic promotional tool for your upcoming events no matter what size! 
  • We provide a 3 minute YouTube clip all about your upcoming event
  • We can send out the clip to over 5000 car enthusiasts that may be interested in hearing more about your event.
  • Car Guy Channel can turn your event into a full half hour television show that you can sell DVDs to participants and guests as a fundraiser.
  • Every car guy loves to see their car and especially on TV.  We can tailor make each show for your special needs, guests, and cars.
  • Along with the full 30 minute show package, you will receive another 3 minute YouTube clip on the success of your event for your ongoing marketing.
  • This all will include the Car Guy Channel Team to upload this on YouTube hassle free!

Contact Mike Hennessy at and let him design a show that fits your needs.

Car Guy Channel Videos are available to order!  Click Here!

Let's get those DVRs humming!
This show is all about the car guy and their cars, swap meets, auctions, car shows, building cars, and everything  else about cars.  This show is a lot of fun and if you are a real true car guy a lot of this is gonna hit home with you and you are gonna love it!  If you'd like to see some of our shows shoot on over to the TV Show Clips page and you'll find the links to the clips.
Car Guy Channel can now be streamed online during on air broadcast.  See links below.
 Show Schedule:

Town Name:
  TV Channel
 Days & Times Aired
East Palo Alto
Los Altos
Los Gatos
Menlo Park
Mountain View
Palo Alto
San Jose
Santa Clara
Stanford University

Cable Channel 27
 Monday 7:30PM

San Juan Bautista

San Benito County
Comcast CMAP Public Access Channel 20

Monday 4:30 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM
Thursday 4:30 Pm
Friday 8:30 AM

San Jose
Parts of Santa Clara

Comcast CREATV
Channel 30

Click here to watch CREATV Channel 30 live! You can also watch archived shows online, too!

Thursday 10:00 PM


Comcast KSAR 
Channel 15
Click here to watch KSAR Channel 15 live!
Friday 7:30PM
Mt. View
Los Altos
Comcast KMVT 
Channel 15
(channel can also be viewed on UVERSE channel 99)

Saturday 10:00 AM
Santa Cruz
Comcast Channel 27
Charter Cable Channel 73
Sunday 8:30PM
Los Gatos
Monte Sereno

Lexington Hills
Chemeketa Park 
Redwood Estates
Aldercroft Heights
Comcast KCAT Channel 15

Saturday 11:00AM

 Piscataway, NJ
Cablevision Raritan Valley Channel 15
Verizon FiOS Channel
Live Streaming at

Tuesday 9:30PM(est)
Saturday 6:00PM (est)

Car Guy Channel Team
from left to right:
Estelle Gow ~ videographer/editor;
Mike Hennessy ~  Producer/Show Host;
Susan Hennessy ~ co-producer, distribution, web designer
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